Karmod Company was founded in 1992. The main activity is wholesale-protective safety suits and footwear. Our range makes high-quality imported Italian protective clothing and footwear.

Crown of many years of development Karmod Company is exactly Commercial Branch - San Vittorio confezione.

It's a very personal story... where affinity for fashion and sense for beauty beats.

A few years ago, exactly in 2006, the owner and  a manager Dragan Mijalkovic started the cooperation with a German Company, only with 15 workers.

The facility  building  itself, which has  been built exactly for  3 years and  which  isi one of rare  Greenfield investment in this  region, was absolutely projected and built for production, according to all the standards needed for this branch activity.

It was also  made a  big  effort to make mechanical park according to the  existing confection houses to be competitive. For a very short time (less then a year) the capacity has increased up to the level of 150 workers.

This is a family business, dealing with lohn works, giving sewing service of suits and coats. There are three production lines. One of  them is for clothing trousers and  two are for suits and coats (upper clothing items), which means capacity of 8000 to 9000 units per a  month and average 80.000 peaces a  year.

The  consumers are from  different countries.Among them  are: Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria. We have partners as Dressing s.p.a, Montana, Gerard Darel, Alaska sport-dress, Schoeffel etc. Of course we give a service of sewing for home customers (about 10% of total production).

As a result of all efforts the owner of the  company received the Award - The businessman of the year 2008. It’s unquestionably, that is a grain of sand of the beach and similar laureates will appear in the future period.

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