San Vittorio is a relatively young business branch of the company Kar mod Internacional d.o.o. (from’92).
Since 2006, top fashion brands have relied on us to turn their ideas into reality.

We fit, cut, sew, press, pack and ship over 80,000 units finished garments per year from our factory in Serbia.
Our area of expertise include high quality ladies and men’s blazers, jackets (also Schweiss program), coats and trousers, as well as ladies program while every one can see the beauty of finished garment, we find beauty in the process.

Production facility is absolutely intended to European standards needed for the textile industry, contemporary equipments, skilled professional staff, by which we satisfied all our partners criteria.

For the last couple of years, we have focused on the finishing of protective clothing and uniforms of all kinds.
Speed & Flexibility
Our virtue in speed strategy implementation increased stability in all segments including organization and
delivery dead line respect and permanent improving of the production process and human resources.
Quality & Quantity
Perfect work intention to better quality and standardization attracting interesting customers,more quality staff and  modern technology oriented.
Our persuit to market competition,where export orientation & own brand have the imperative,facilitating the Verifikation by different Certificates and Awards.
Our success is guarantiedcause we have got the clear vision since the very beginning.
Contemporary ethics in combination of good and known values is what makes us unique in the sphere of confection (fashion-clothing industry). We realize others` ideas and we are the most flexible on costumers needs.
Modernization is the only condition following with fashion and also selective improving of the production structure,authomatic production process and product improve at the same time.

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